Lift-slide door

Bring the spectacle to your house!

The lift-slide door is one of the most spectacular systems on the market, offering the possibility of very wide glass surfaces. The system is an innovative and functional solution for modern houses, offices and modern industrial complexes.
The rooms are flooded by light regardless of whether the door is closed or open, this providing extra elegance and comfort to the building.

This system redefines the barrier between interior and exterior space – the spaces merge while the benefits and efficiency of PVC joinery remain high. The depth of 190 mm and the ability of the system make it able to achieve a very low heat transfer coefficient (Uw) of up to 0.90 w / m2k.

Lift-sliding doors are available in two versions:

Classic, with symmetric view – in the standard version the visible side of the door (sash) is only 100 mm.


Design, with larger glass surface on the stationary part of the system – the entire visible surface (heel / sash) is reduced by more than 50%, while maintaining the thermal insulation characteristics unchanged.


The setup proposed by UNIKAT is near perfection! The cutting-edge hardware, innovative profiles and carefully chosen glass packages bring UNIKAT lift-slide system to the highest level.

Acrylcolor – Guaranteed durability and outstanding appearance for a long time

tehnologie icon acrylcolor

Due to its very durable Acrylcolor surface, the profile repel UV radiation. This way the product does not retain the heat of the sun’s rays and eliminates the risk of plastic deformations.

IKD – Integrated Intensive Isolation

tehnologie icon ikd

The lift-slide door can be filled with foam in the center chamber to significantly improve the heat transfer coefficient. This efficiency add-on allows you to enjoy the system regardless of the climatic zone!

Variety of colors

It integrates perfectly into the design of your home due to its wide range of colors. Well-chosen colors can bring a significant plus to your home uniqueness and can add value to all other design elements of it.

Lift-slide doors are also available in aluminum-plated versions. With this option the system gain additional strength and the liberty to be used in any desired color from RAL range.

culoare profil anthrazitgrau ral 7016Gray anthracite

bianco antico culoare profilAntique white

cremeweiss culoare profil termopanWrapped cream-colored

golden oak culoare profil termopanGolden Oak

mooreiche culoare profil termopanWenge

nussbaum culoare profil termopanWalnut

Lift-sliding systems

Lift-slide system

Easier to use, minimalist design, high reliability

Handle system

Handle system
Easy handling

Reduces the operating force of the handle, ensuring precision and effortless handling

Guaranteed closure

Guaranteed closure
Complete closing every time

The system automatically drives the sash to its final position

Thermal threshold

Thermal threshold
Comfortable aluminum thresholds at the floor level

Anti-slip protection on the threshold
High rigidity threshold due to aluminum reinforcement profile
The system is nearly flat due to low hight threshold. Thus UNIKAT lift-slide door connects the interior with buliding’s exterior in a harmonious way.
Ensures good air and water tightness as well as good thermal insulation

Handle system - section

Handle system – section
Anti-burglar safety

The system offers 3 resistance points in standard. In this configuration, UNIKAT door doesn’t allow entry into the building by forcibly lifting the door.

Controlled closing

Controlled closing

Active braking mechanism slows down the door before it reaches closing position. The slow closing of the door prevents the hitting of the hatch, ensuring correct motion of the entire system for a long time.

Large dimensions – Wide views offered by UNIKAT lift-slide door. With openings up to 6.5 meters and movable elements up to 3.2 meters in length, the system expand the space in your home.

Top ergonomics – The space in your home is very precious. UNIKAT lift-slide system is great because it does not require extra space to open the sash.

High compatibility between innovations allows this system to efficiently combine the lower threshold, the system dampers for easy handling and controlled closing that slows down the door and automatically moves it to the closed position.

Safe ventilation and high security – The lift-slide system ensures continuous ventilation during entire night and, at the same time provides safety due to an intermediate secure position for microventilation.

Clean and reliable operation. The rails are protected against corrosion and are equipped with cleaning brushes. Due to these system gets clean every time the door is closed or opened. Rollers are also protected against residues for long-lasting reliability.

System’s hardware minimizes the handling effort during opening and closing of the door. The lift-slide door includes trolleys and stainless steel guides. This way the system guarantees easy usage for a long period of time.

Profile Gealan
Construction depth 190 mm
Gaskets 2
Armature 2 mm
Thermal insulation coefficients Uw up to 0,90 w/m2k
Soundproofing Rw –  min: 32 – max 44 dB
Hardware Lift-slide
Glass package Saint Gobain: 28 mm, 44 mm, 50 mm (LowE+Argon) and Warmedge as extraoption
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Opening schemes
Model A
Model G-A
Model C
Model K

Lift-slide door – Model A

Sash weight max. 330 kg
Sash length (FB) up to 3200 mm
Sash height (FH) up to 2700 mm
Frame length (RAB) up to 6500 mm
Frame height (RAH) up to 2800 mm
Door handle height (GH) 1008 mm
Technical details