Window Accessories

Wallpaper and sills – model France

French-style wallpaper and glazing come to meet customers who want to respect the design of French windows. The specific elements, the glazing and the wallpaper, are available in a variety of colors and sizes, similar to PVC joinery.

For details on the sizes and colors available, please contact your sales staff.


Coprifili have the benefit of eliminating the need of repair the walls after the window is installed, these PVC parts can be applied on the edge of the window frame to cover the remained distance between the frame and the wall. In addition, the coprifili have the advantage of sustaining thermal insulation and to increase the impression of solidity of the window, making it to look thicker.

UNIKAT offers PVC coprifili in different sizes and colors according to your needs.


UNIKAT offers its clients PVC window sills with a great aesthetics, these being mounted on the inside. The sills come in similar colors to the PVC profile and have the role of protecting the lower part of the wall.

The surface of UNIKAT sills is resistant to UV rays, humidity and scratches.

For checking colors and available dimensions, we recommend you to contact our sales staff.


Outside sills

Outside of the window, UNIKAT proposes to customers aluminum sills. They have the property of being anticorrosive, the colors applied being resistant to UV rays.

For checking colors and available dimensions, we recommend you to contact our sales staff.

Insect nets

Insect nets have the role of keeping insects outside your house. To ensure maximum freedom of movement for owners, they have hinges so that the window can be used without restrictions.

The mosquito nets offered by UNIKAT come in different sizes and colors. For further details, we recommend that you contact our sales staff.

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