UNIKAT image

The color of the amethyst, from tradition to modernism

We felt the need for the development of the business to be complemented by the chromatic one. From UNIKAT’s blue and the first uniforms of the same color, today UNIKAT is evolving. We understand that tradition is important. That’s why the colors of the original logo – red and blue – were combined, and the result was the color of the amethyst. We wanted more than that and dared to be unique about the image of our products and solutions.

The UNIKAT chromatic universe

The four chosen colors, green, purple, orange, blue, symbolize the fact that we are a unique team, each member being extraordinary in its own way. Purple it’s a symbol for warmth, the joy of offering the best solutions and a feel of “la vie en rose”. The color adopted induces comfort and joy.

The Eiffel by UNIKAT is inspired by the straight and rounded corners of the famous tower.

The orange tone used to represent the Colosseum by UNIKAT reminds of the warmth and color of the brick that was used in Italy’s architecture, translating the power and generosity to the product.

Blue, the color of the Elbe River and the sky, is associated with stability and durability. The curves and straight lines of this river define Elba by UNIKAT.

Nature and balance intersect in the green color available on Alpina by UNIKAT, which is designed for passive houses.