Since the first sales, in November 2013, the GEALAN S9000 profile, along with the innovations dedicated to it, has been increasingly successful. This is clearly demonstrated by sales figures over the past years, during which they constantly grew and continue growing at the same pace. The Alpina window is the UNIKAT product that uses the GEALAN S9000 profile. The strongest growth was in countries with a high proportion of highly isolated buildings according to the passive house standard, such as Germany and Austria. The GEALAN S9000 profile is also used in other European countries where interest in this type of products is significanlty increasing.

STV, IKD, acrylcolor integrated

The GEALAN S9000, together with STV and IKD innovations, offers to customers who choose the Alpina window the possibility to build passive buildings according to the IFT WA-15/2 directive using standard 2 mm stiffening steel elements. The premium product in the S 9000 series has a certified Uf value of 0.89 W / (m2K) and therefore outstanding thermal insulation properties.
The GEALAN S9000 can use both STV glass gluing technology and additional IKD profile insulation to further improve the performance of the entire system. Gluing the sash profile by the glass package makes the whole system stiffer, more stable. IKD technology is used to greatly improve the thermal insulation of the profile. GEALAN S9000 is also available with revolutionary surface coating technology, acrylcolor. Therefore, the Alpina Passive House Window in UNIKAT portfolio combines all GEALAN innovations in recent years into a single, high quality product.
The Alpina window gives you access to all these innovations!