GEALAN-STV is a revolutionary system that allows dry gluing of the glass and the edge of the sash.
By gluing the glass to the sash, the stiffness of the glass package is transmitted to the sash and the entire window is more stable. Because the systems are more robust, the maximum window size increases significantly.
Additionally, this way of gluing the glass improves the burglary resistance.
So with STV you can have a better isolated, brighter and better protected home!

A significant investment is needed in new machines when gluing windows with liquid adhesives. This is not the case with STV because the profiles are provided with integrated adhesive tapes.

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  • Savings on heating costs due to improved thermal insulation

  • More light due to the larger glazing available now due to STV

  • Ensure that the bonding of glass and sash improves burglary resistance

  • Installation is safer and easier for windows equipped with STV

  • Reliability is improved because the rigidity grows with STV