Our Vision

UNIKAT’s vision is to offer innovative and unique products and services in order to improve the lifestyle of our customers and the work of our partners. By selling innovative products, we are providing comfort and savings to our customers as well as reducing unnecessary use of resources for heating or cooling homes.

UNIKAT’s mission is to offer unique and innovative products and services through (1) continuous improvement and including of the latest technologies in production processes, (2) permanent training offered to our employees to respond as promptly and clearly as possible to customer requests, (3) implementation of the most advanced and innovative products on the market and (4) high level of attention from the time of request and until the delivery and installation of the UNIKAT products.

UNIKAT’s mission is that each customer feels unique in their houses through our customized solutions.

UNIKAT’s mission can only be delivered through a set of values we believe in.

We believe in the idea of excellence. Every member of our team excels in his area of expertise. We know precisely the direction we are aiming for, so we focus all our efforts on attaining the perfection at any moment on the route to the ultimate goal – satisfied employee, client and partner.

We believe in inovating products, production processes and the way we do business. We bring the latest product and technology solutions. We invest in our employees and in our own brands. We believe that these are the ingredients that generate further vision and long-term development..

We believe in integrity. We are honest and straightforward with ourselves and our clients or partners and we are always trying to act in this spirit. The interest of our company is also the interest of our partners.

We are enthusiastic and believe in the passion of doing everything at the level of excellence. Any small detail of our products or services counts for us. That’s why we prefer to insist on it, to go back and rebuild if needed, to compete with us, to become better day by day. Just so, our client will appreciate the idea of “unique”, will be pleased and will recommend us further.

We believe in the idea of uniqueness. Each of us is unique through our personality, through our carieer, through the innate or acquired skills for which we are appreciated. Each of us is unique in the lifestyle we like, our family and our children. We like to believe that each UNIKAT product contributes to a greater or lesser extent in defining the present and future employee, customer, partner and UNIKAT supplier. Just by excellence, innovation, integrity, enthusiasm and passion, the UNIKAT brand is unique. For you and for us.

UNIKAT begins at us and continues at you.