Gealan pushes the boundaries of the thermal insulation limits by IKD technology. This is a solution for improving the thermal transfer coefficient of the window profile by adding foam insulation in it. Together with STV gluing window technology, which stiffens the whole system and eliminates the need to have a metal armature, IKD technology achieves values less than 0.8 W / m²K – the passive house standard. Foam-filled profiles using the IKD technology, in combination with STV, achieve Uf values of 0.78 W / m²K (determined by Ift Rosenheim for the 5010/5007 combination).

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  • Safety in combination with STV technology, IKD provides increased anti-burglary protection
  • No additional investment in production equipment is required from the window producer

  • Protecting nature because IKD foam can be recycled without generating extra pollution