Door accessories

Door accessories bring more value and utility to UNIKAT products because they improve the overall appearance and utility of the product. The aluminum threshold increases the utility and reliability of the product, making it weatherproof and providing a flat surface at the door. Additionally, the water rail provides additional door protection agains water leaks.

Aluminum threshold

Normally, the standard threshold of a PVC door, due to its height, creates an significant obstacle when moving from one space to another. Repeated stepping on the profile of a PVC door leads to wear, including sealing gaskets. In order to avoid these inconveniences, the new aluminum threshold is introduced which is flat, easy to mount in the door frame and is designed to ensure the required reliability and resistance, a great look and top insulation.

PVC or aluminum water rail

The water rail always accompanies the thresholds of the entrance doors provided by UNIKAT. Regardless of the aluminum or PVC dropper, the role is the same: to run the water flowing down the door at a distance.

In addition, water rail have an aesthetic role as well-liked elements and make a good pair with the aluminum threshold.