Colosseum is the door that combines the design with a solid structure and very good technical specifications. It fits perfectly for the projects where a very reliable door at a realy good price is needed.

Stands out for it’s design and for great quality / price ratio!

Profile Structure

Savings on heating costs due to Gealan S8000 profile structure, 6 isolation rooms


mm construction depth

Thermal transfer coefficient

Provides a thermal transfer coefficient Uw = 0.91 – 1.20 w / m2k


High sound insulation, Colosseum window with Rw = min 30 – max 40dB


Reliability in use due to the systems used: Maco MULTI-MATIC hardware made in Austria with anti-burglary protection, micro ventilation and Hoppe Secustik handles


The top strength offered by 1.5-2 mm reinforcement for all UNIKAT products

profil termopan ferestre calitate germana

* The product is also available with aluminum plating in the exterior in various colors


It integrates perfectly into the design of your home due to its wide range of colors

culoare profil anthrazitgrau ral 7016Gray anthracite

bianco antico culoare profilAntique white

cremeweiss culoare profil termopanWrapped cream-colored

golden oak culoare profil termopanGolden Oak

mooreiche culoare profil termopanWenge

nussbaum culoare profil termopanGolden Oak


Saint Gobain glass package: 24 mm, 36 mm, 40 mm (LowE + Argon)

tehnologie icon stv

Technical specifications

Profile Gealan S8000
Construction Depth 74 mm
Gaskets 2
Armature 1,5 – 2 mm
Thermal insulation coefficients Uw up to 0.91 w / m2k
Sound insulation Rw – min: 30 – max 40 dB
Hardware Maco MULTI-MATIC with anti-burglary protection and micro ventilation
Handles Hoppe Secustik
Saint Gobain glass package Saint Gobain: 24 mm, 36 mm, 40 mm ( LowE+Argon )
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The main purpose of windows is to improve the living quality in your home by allowing a big quantity of natural light to illuminate and heat your home. Of course, these are all supported by high thermal and acoustic insulation coefficients, whichever UNIKAT glass packages are used.

Window packages offered by UNIKAT respond to a great range of needs and wishes, depending on the particularities of your building:

  • High thermal insulation using Low-E glass, SGG Planitherm Solar Control and Argon inert gas in the glass package. In addition, the use of Warmedge spacer also significantly improves the heat transfer coefficient
  • Sound insulation through specially designed packages to improve sound comfort
  • Ensuring privacy by use of reflexive glass
  • Anti-burglary by using secured items in the glass packages
  • Strengthens the design elements of your home with specific textures and colors

Aluminum spacerdistantieri aluminiu

Warmedge spacerdistantier warmedge

The glass used in UNIKAT products is processed with modern automated machinery that quarantees high quality standard and the production of a large volume of glass packages.

The glass used in UNIKAT products is processed with modern automated machinery that quarantees high quality standard and the production of a large volume of glass packages.

You can choose from the following glass designs:

Waterfall Clearwaterfall clear

Bronze spicespic clear



Clear blastedsablat clear





Delta bronzedelta bronz

Chinchilla Clearchinchilla clear

Chinchilla Bronzchinchilla bronz


Decorative glass 1exemplu sticla unikat

Decorative glass 2exemplu sticla

Optionally, the glass can also be equipped with different grills.


The hardware is crucial for the door insulation and reliability, as well as for the degree of safety that it provide. That’s why UNIKAT has chosen to work with the MACO – Austria hardware manufacturer, recognized for its high reliability and safety systems.

The hardware systems are standardly equipped with the MACO-i.S anti-burglary system.

The ZT-A system is remarkable for ease and safety provided. These are due to the automation elements and the closing solutions used (the hook included in the system). The system is an automatic one that can be activated in 4 different ways:

sistemul zt-a

Codespic clear


Transponder PlusTransponder plus


The ZT-F system is an enhanced safety system. The elements of this system were chosen by the UNIKAT team in order to have a complete system that takes safety as a priority without compromising ease of use.

The ZT-S system is a reliable, high-quality and cost-effective solution that provides the standard solution for security.

Standard handle:

Whitemaner alb usi standard

Brownmaner usi maro standard

Silvermaner usi argintiu standard

Bronzemaner usi bronz standard

External fixed handle:

180 cm stainless steel handle180 cm stainless steel handle

120 cm stainless steel handle120 cm stainless steel handle

60 cm stainless steel handle60 cm stainless steel handle

Design is one of the things UNIKAT is careful about, so all products are available in a wide range of colors.

Well-chosen colors can bring a significant plus of home personality and can add value to all the other design elements of your building.

anteak culoare profil termopanAnteak

bergkiefer culoare profil termopanBergkiefer

black cherry culoare profil termopanBlack Cherry

deko ral 3005 culoare profil termopanDeko RAL 3005

deko ral 3011 culoare profil termopanDeko RAL 3011

deko ral 5007 culoare profil termopanDeko RAL 5007

deko ral 6001 culoare profil termopanDeko RAL 6001

deko ral 6001 culoare profil termopanDeko RAL 6005

deko ral 7035 culoare profil termopanDeko RAL 7035

deko ral 7038 culoare profil termopanDeko RAL 7038

deko ral 9010 culoare profil termopanDeko RAL 9010

douglasie culoare profil termopanDouglasie

eiche culoare profil termopanEiche

eiche dunkel culoare profil termopanEiche Dunkel

eiche hell culoare profil termopanEiche Hell

eiche klassik culoare profil termopanEiche Klassik

kirsche culoare profil termopanKirsche

Mahagoni culoare profil termopanMahagoni

Metbrush-Messing culoare profil termopanMetbrush-Messing

metbrush silver culoare profil termopanMetbrush Silver

nussbaum natur culoare profil termopanNussbaum Natur

oregon iv culoare profil termopanOregon IV

oregon braun culoare profil termopanOregon Braun

schokobraun ral 8017 satin culoare profil termopanSchokobraun RAL8017

schwarzbraun culoare profil termopanSchwarzbraun 71

sheffield oak culoare profil termopanSheffield Oak

siena pn noce culoare profil termopanSiena PN Noce

siena pr rosso culoare profil termopanSiena PR Rosso

Silbergrau RAL 7001 culoare profil termopanSilbergrau RAL7001

Stahlblau RAL 5011 culoare profil termopanStahlblau RAL5011

streifendouglasie culoare profil termopanStreifendouglasie

Tannengrün RAL 6009 culoare profil termopanTannengrün RAL6009

Walnuss culoare profil termopanWalnuss