Gealan has been perfecting for 30 years the co-extrusion procedure that inseparably combines the white PVC base coat and the colored acrylic layer. A colored exterior surface with a special satin texture is obtained, which resists scratches and harsh environment, does not favor dust sediment and does not peel. The co-extrusion process provides a durable colorless appearance, considering that window frames are exposed for long periods to ultraviolet rays and high temperatures are developed around the windows. The acrylic layer is not an applied paint or foil.

Practically with this technology acrylcolor windows fascinate with the durability, shine of colors and are easy to clean!

profil termopan calitate germana


  • Comfort due to the fact that acrylcolor requires easy maintenance
  • Durability due to the special features of the technology

  • Exclusive appearance due to the special acrylcolor texture

Standard colors

ral 7015 culoare acrylcolor profil termopanRAL 7015

ral 7016 culoare profil termopanRAL 7016

ral 7040 culoare profil termopanRAL 7040

ral 8014 culoare profil termopanRAL 8014

white aluminium culoare profil termopanWhite Aluminium RAL 9006

silver culoare profil termopanSilver RAL 9007

black brown 02 culoare profil termopanDB 703

schwarzbraun ral 8022Black Brown 02 RAL 8022

RAL 9016RAL 9016

Additional special colors may be available.