About Us

UNIKAT, when design and technology blends perfectly

UNIKAT means excellence. UNIKAT has grown from the passion of a family for carpentry, a passion that has grown into a successful business. Like the solutions we offer, we are original and focused on details. We appreciate and encourage value, passion, effort, especially when can be found in the same place.

UNIKAT is innovation. We always want to overcome barriers, to produce better, more beautiful, exclusive products. Because this is the passion … to do your best to always get better results from your work.

UNIKAT means stucture and focus. From a small and traditional business that began in 1978, we managed to grow in a way more complex organization with a production area of 10,000 m2. This evolution implied a lot of focus, a lot of involvement, but by looking at what we have achieved, we are extremely pleased with the UNIKAT team.

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Constantly guiding us by the above values and systematically pursuing to offer high quality products and services we have now reached the point where:

  • We are one of the modern production units in Romania, equipped with equipment supplied by Rotox, Sturtz, Shirmer

  • We have over 14 years experience in PVC joinery

  • We sell products in Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Romania

  • We have strong partnerships with leading manufacturers like Gealan, Salamander, Saint Gobain, Guardian, Maco, Hoppe, Hautau, Simonswerk

  • We offer a short production time due to the high production capacity (up to 240 units / day)

  • We offer a long-term warranty due to the trust in our own products (5-year warranty for UNIKAT windows and doors)

  • We continuously improve our products with the latest technology among PVC joinery

Employees, people with UNIKAT spirit

The ambition and passion of our colleagues is reflected in UNIKAT brand. This makes us happy to have such a team and makes us realize once again how important it is to invest in our own employees. Their personal and professional success makes us glad. We are open and we like to learn from each other new things every day. The story of the UNIKAT brand helps us because it encourages performance and exceeding the limits. UNIKAT means trust, creativity, work and, last but not least, passion for people.

Customers, inspired by UNIKAT

We have used our clients with quality services and professional solutions. That’s why suppliers are carefully selected and the appreciation of our customers is our motivation to continue what we do. Suppliers and business partners, the extension of excellence!