UNIKAT started in 1978 as a manufacturing workshop providing locally-made joinery articles. Later, Gabriel, one of founder’s sons, brings in 2003 for the first time PVC profiles in his father’s studio. And this is when the evolution begins. The business growed, passed through several intermediate steps and got to what it is now: a successful family business, an experienced and passionate team with a newly 10.000m2 production unit, strong relationships with suppliers, trustworthy relationships partners.
 All these were obtained with the Muntean family as a core: Gabriel Muntean, a former officer, brought with him the rigor needed for production processes and the strategy and swift decisions that are so necessary in everyday business; Cristian Muntean brings with him extensive knowledge of programming and robotics, which is imperative when working with automated equipment from renowned manufacturers. Parents also had the necessary knowledge and experience needed for support departments, both facility management and finance.
 The UNIKAT story once again proves that there are successful Romanian businesses.